Contact lenses

Walgreens is a household name and many associate the retailer with prescriptions, being open 24 hours, photo processing and more. Many individuals are not aware they also sell a selection of name brand contact lenses. What we found was that although they are well known and reputable in several areas, they are not one of the places you should go to purchase contact lenses online. Poor search options, limited product selection and inadequate security measures are why they are not one of our favored online contact lens retailers.

You will find that the site does offer several name brand contact lenses, such as Acuvue, Biomedics, ClearSight, Frequency, Focus, FreshLook, O2Optix, Proclear, PureVision, Soflens and Wild Eyes. But when you click on a specific brand, you will find that not all types of contact lenses per brand are offered. The majority of types are available, but to say that all contact lens wearers will find the lenses they need is not true. Their prices are also quite a bit higher than the majority of the other online sites we reviewed.

For those consumers looking for a more common type of contact lens, they may also find it helpful that the site also carries a wide selection of contact lens solutions and cases. Being able to purchase all of those items in one place eliminates the problem of forgetting all the needed essentials as well as cutting down on the shipping costs with just the one purchase.

We also found the site to be extremely difficult to navigate and use. There is a contact lens button on the top menu, but because the site isn’t designed for just contact lenses and offers so many other items, it’s easy to get lost and directed to something other than a contact lens purchase. Even veteran online shoppers will find it distracting and time consuming to sift through all of the products to find their specific contact lens.

Several of the other features we found extremely helpful on the other sites we reviewed — like convenient reordering, customer service, FAQ — we found to be lacking, hard to find or nonexistent with this site. This again, will cause consumers to be leery about buying from Walgreens’ site because they don’t have options to contact the company with questions or concerns about making the purchase or after the purchase has been made and they have received their products.

Online shoppers value feeling secure and safe when deciding where to make purchases online. This is because so much personal and financial information is shared and needed to make the purchase. After researching this site, we didn’t find any evidence they are certified secure or part of anything related to the Better Business Bureau. In a time when fraud and identity theft are making headlines, it’s even more important to make sure the consumer feels safe and secure when giving their information.

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